Hey there, I'm Lilly!

I'm a compassionate and collaborative creative with 5+ years of experience working with cross-functional teams to deliver empowering design and marketing solutions. Currently I'm working as an Associate UX Designer at the Accenture Federal Digital Studio serving a number of government clients.

My work demonstrates my ability to build highly functional, usable applications from ideation through to implementation. This is complimented by my experiences in marketing before entering user experience design, during which I developed a strong attention to detail and appreciation for aesthetics while creating and managing corporate graphics and messaging. I believe the best designs are those with humans at the forefront and focus on accessibility, inclusivity, and scalability.

When I'm not designing user experiences, you can likely find me expressing my creativity through various means: crafting mixed media projects, scouring clothing racks for a unique vintage find, or walking the streets with a camera in hand. Otherwise I'm probably finding solace in hot yoga, venturing off in the great outdoors with my pup Tiramisu, or hunting for UX resources to share with others via my Notion board.

What others say about me...

Sure, I can talk the talk but why not hear from those who have walked beside me?

[After Lilly's presentation,] I am very much in favor in deviating in favor of accessibility. There was an honest effort to conform [to our existing colors]. This [presentation] was compelling and interesting.

Program Manager at Federal Agency

"Lilly made strides across the board as a designer and contributor, and I am proud of her. She did a great job meeting the needs of the project, and elevating her contributions every week."

Korey Ferguson
UX Lead at Accenture Federal Digital Studio

Lilly is a very thoughtful and empathetic interaction designer. Lilly is a strong listener and is able to quickly process and mold what she hears into a visual sketch. Each time she presented her work, Lilly was able to communicate her work effectively to key stakeholders, which was received well. Lilly's highly organized and meticulous talent allows her to stay on track of all tasks assigned to her while offering to help other team members to move other work streams forward. Lilly is an excellent team member and an invaluable asset to the team!

Tae Kim
Design Director at Accenture Federal Digital Studio

But enough about me, what about you?

Additional illustrations by Alex Muravev, Olga, and Tatyana from the Noun Project.
Primary illustrations by absurd.design