Hi, I'm Lilly, a compassionate and collaborative creative who designs empowering user experiences at Accenture.

I'll confess: I like to bring a sense of professional playfulness to my work.

See my recent projects below.

Digital Product Design

Returned to project to ensure accessibility, inclusivity, and scalability of federal digital product. Delivered and iterated on 200+ wireframes encompassing 14 features amongst 4 team restructures.


User Research & Web Application Design

Reimagining data metrics to increase transparency across different organizations in health sector.

In Progress


End-to-end mobile app that enhances the existing museum user experience through mobile navigation and augmented reality (AR) labels.

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What I bring to the table...

When I design user experiences, these are the aspects of the process I enjoy most and truly shine in.


Since receiving an award for my undergraduate thesis, I dive deep to understand users, businesses, and sectors better.


Inspired by my time improving various non-profits, I create connections instead of building barriers through derived insights.

Interaction Design

Informed by research, I empathize with users to explore ways they navigate with products beyond the digital.

Visual Design

Complimented by my experiences in marketing, I have a strong attention to detail and an appreciation for aesthetics.

And that's not all...

When I'm not designing user experiences, you can find me expressing myself in various means.

Costume Design

I enjoy teaming up with fellow creatives to stitch together characters and worlds under the vision of a director.


I find satisfaction in growing communities through cultivating conversation and creating engaging content.


I seek to capture the ephemeral in the form of authentic moments and details that may otherwise be easily overlooked.

Interested in working together?

Additional illustrations by Alex Muravev, Olga, and Tatyana from the Noun Project.
Primary illustrations by absurd.design