De-stressing Gift Giving

Project Overview
Design five screens of a gift exchange mobile app.
Challenge Title
Gift Exchange Mobile App
Winter 2021
UX Designer
In the spirit of the holiday season, Designlab posed a challenge for its students and alumni: design three to five screens of a gift exchange app. For this project I worked together with fellow graduates Chris, Denise, and Tiffany over the course of three weeks to develop a solution.
The Problem

Might Have Known

Given that the parameters of this project were left open, my team and I conducted research to further investigate what problems the user is currently facing. After completing a survey and series of user interviews, we realized that users want to give meaningful gifts but struggle to, especially when they are reliant on their receiver's wishlist.
The Challenge

Not Close but Personal

The goal of this project was to personalize the existing gift exchange experience while maintaining an element of surprise.

The high level objective was:
  1. Design five screens of a gift exchange mobile app.
My Role

Fit for a King

I collaborated with Chris Xenophontos, Denise Macalino, and Tiffany Li as a UX designer on this challenge over the course of three weeks starting in November 2021 and finishing in December 2021.
The Solution

Answer Key

Since we could only design up to five screens, we focused on showcasing the features we felt that best addressed the problems of our users, with the main features listed below.

Onboarding Quiz

Before setting up a gift exchange group, users first undergo a quiz as part of onboarding that lets both the app and their eventual gifter learn more about them. This information is saved to a user's profile, which can be viewed by others, but is also used to generate gift recommendations. Questions are generated based on the type of gift(s) a user likes to recieve.

Personalized Profile

Once a user is notified of their receiver, they may view the other user's profile to attain a better understanding of that individual. If that's not enough information, a gifter may also ask anonymous questions to their receiver without ruining the element of surprise.

Browse Based on Profile

Users can also browse for gifts within the app, using gift types as a filter. However, what truly sets Wrapped apart is its personalized gift suggestions that are based off a receiver's profile. Gifters can add these and other items they discover to their shopping list for future purchase.
Mobile Screens

All Present and Accounted For

The high-fidelity wireframes were then configured into mockups using Adobe Photoshop. This finally gave us the ability to send over our work for voting.

Looking Back

Additional illustrations by Alex Muravev, Olga, and Tatyana from the Noun Project.
Primary illustrations by